We are looking forward to helping you in finding the right internship for your personal career path. Altogether, there are over 500 positions in over 300 companies in eight cities at your disposal.


After having registered, you just tell us what you would like to do and we will find a suitable position together.


During the whole program you will be taken care of by a local expat. He or she will help you to decide for the right position and later on assist you on spot in China.


All companies taken part in the program have special coordinators who can tutor you in English.


We will provide you with a choice in your field of business. And even if you are looking for a very special internship, we will help you to find it. Among others, you can choose out of the following industries:


-         Engineering

-         Law

-         Culture

-         Architecture

-         Investment & Finance

-         Marketing

-         Tourism

-         IT


Please keep in mind that it would be best if you applied three months in advance, so there will be no stress at all.