Language Classes


We would like to recommend to you to additionally book languages classes to your internship. Why? On the one hand speaking Chinese is a big plus during every job interview and on the other hand it gives you the chance to meet with other program participants more often.


Depending on the city, the language classes take place 2 to 5 times a week (4 to 15 hours). If you like we will also arrange special courses like for example Business Chinese for you. Please keep in mind that the beginner courses just start on the first Monday of each month.


There is no better way to learn Chinese than learning it directly in China. The reason simply is that you will be surrounded by the language during the whole stay, and so, you can easily train and apply our Chinese on a daily basis. The best example might be our au pairs who after one year speak and write Chinese as well as a Bachelor graduate of Sinology. Also, Chinese is no different than any other language: It just needs practice and the success will follow.