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Andrea‘s Intern Experience




The journey is coming to the end, how do I feel?


Well, I feel great. I am pleasantly surprised by how friendly Chinese people are. Travelling to China was quite challenging, first I had to acclimatize to this new environment. It’s not Europe, so, in terms of dimension, everything is bigger and the population is way larger. When you are used to see European architecture, it can be quite surprising to see so many buildings and lights in one city. When I arrived, everything was new for me, from the climate, the dialect, the sonority and how noticeable I was here.

My first day, I couldn’t speak any Chinese at all, I wasn’t used  to use my Chinese skills spontaneously in Paris. Being in class and being in the country is something totally different. Something simple like going to the restaurant and ordering some food was the most challenging thing when I first arrived. It wasn’t Chinese class; it was real life; witch means; think and talk faster.


So even when my brain felt tired from trying to express myself in a foreign language, I had no choice but speaking Chinese or at least English. Switching from French, to English and sometimes, simple Chinese is not a problem anymore.

Here, in China, I met a lot of people. First, the people from the company I worked in really helped me and they were always there when I needed it and because of them I became independent quickly. The best thing about being in China is that I constantly meet new people at the least expected moment which have become my best memories.








1)     Do I have to speak Chinese?

Actually, it’s enough if you speak English.



2)     Is there a minimum age to participate?

You have to be at least 16 years old.



3)     What’s the minimum duration?

You have to commit for at least one month.



4)     Are there fixed starting dates?

No, fixed starting dates just apply to the beginner’s language classes.



5)     Who will take care of me in China?

You will have a personal coordinator taking care of you. He or she will be an expat. Supporting tasks might be taken care of by Chinese colleagues.




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