Would you like to gather some international teaching experience? Or are you looking for sth. different? Our Teacher in China program could be the right choice for you!


In China teachers enjoy a high reputation and are not only considered as distributors of knowledge and skills, but are also consulted on many issues of life. This very special social attitude is a direct result of the thousands of years of Confucian tradition in the Middle Kingdom.




Please, visit us on Facebook to find a selection of available positions. Unfortunately, we cannot post all vacancies available, but will gladly introduce suitable positions to you.






1)     Do I have to speak Chinese?

Actually, it’s enough if you speak English.


2)     What are the requirements?

You will find a detailed list of the requirements under “Application Process”.


3)     How long do I have to commit?

You should be willing to commit for at least six months, better a full year.


4)     Are there fixed starting dates?

Actually not, but most schools hire to the beginning of each new semester (September/March).


5)     Do I have to apply on a certain position?

No, you can apply in general and we will do our best to find a suitable position for you.


Any other questions from your side? Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch: