Au Pair in China - Other Preparations


There are several things that must or should be prepared for your trip to China. Most importantly, you should stay in contact with your host family and keep them informed of any special needs or desires and up to date on current plans. Additionally, you should take care of things in a timely manner with the help of your personal advisor. We also suggest that you educate yourself about China. You can do so by reading within the main menu "About China" or have a look at the links under "Related Links". We also encourage you to arrive on time to your flight and take into account any delays that may arise.
A list of the required documents after a successful application can be found here.
Here is an overview of the required documents and processes for the X2 student visa (in chronological order):


The passport is the most important document and requirement for almost all subsequent formalities. It is necessary that it is valid for at least 6 months from the time of application for the X2 visa on. Applying for a passport can take several weeks. Therefore, we recommend that you apply as early as possible. What you usually need:

  • a current biometric passport photo
  • ID
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • if applicable your old passport

Police Clearance Certificate

This certificate lists information about a person’s criminal record.

We show this to your future host family so they can issue an invitation letter for you without any worries. It is necessary to conclude the au pair contract.

Health Certificate and Vaccination

For the health certificate that proves that you have no dangerous infectious diseases (such as hepatitis or AIDS ) and the recommended vaccinations for China, please consult your family doctor. Since the recommended vaccinations differ from destination to destination, the following overview of the standard vaccinations is only for your information: polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, rabies. Normally you will already have been vaccinated against these diseases as a child (except rabies), but a booster may be necessary. The hepatitis vaccinations require the most time (80 % protection: 1 month, 99 % Protection: 3 months). Please remember your vaccination certificate when you come to see your family doctor.
The vaccinations are for your personal protection and should be taken care of no later than after the signing of your au pair contract. The health certificate may be necessary for the University application, but is required by your host family to ensure the child's safety. It is mandatory to conclude the au pair contract.


Au Pair Contract

The Au Pair contract is between you and your host family. It outlines the obligations of the host family and your own responsibilities and remuneration. It is meant to give you security and to provide guidance in case any conflict should arise. You will sign the au pair contract after you and your host family have agreed upon each other. It can be changed individually with the assistance of your personal advisor and is the basis for further cooperation.

An example of such a contract can be found here.

Registration at the University

Your registration at the university will be the responsibility of your personal advisor and he/she make sure that the university is located near to your host family. To register at the university he/she usually needs the following information or copies of documents from you:

  • Copy of passport (pages with personal details and the photo page)
  • Copy of the certificate of your school / university
  • Your future address in China
  • Information about your parents

You will need the same documents / information for the JW202 registration certificate of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The required documents may differ from university to university. However your personal advisor will inform you if additional documents / information will be needed. The application is usually done immediately after the conclusion of the au pair contract.

For more information about your language classes, please have a look under the main menu item "Finally in China "under "Language Classes".


Insurance Certificate

After enrolling at the university, your personal advisor will arrange for you casualty, life and health insurance, which will be paid for you by your host family. However, we recommend that you do not cancel the insurances you already have. Otherwise after your return problems in form of massive paperwork may arise. Usually you can expand your local health insurance to foreign countries (for usually less than 20 Euros a year).

For the completion of the insurance your personal advisor will usually need a copy of your passport (pages with personal details and photo page), your personal information, the admission from the university, your address in China or your home country.

An overview of the Chinese insurance benefits can be found here.

Flight Booking

When all the formalities are cleared out, and you receive your visa, your personal advisor will support you with booking the flight to China. Please note, that the flight allowance is depending upon the length of your stay:

  • 12 months: free round-trip flight
  • 6-11 months: free return flight
  • 3-5 months: 300 Euro flight allowance

However, it should be noted that Star Exchange will not pay for special services or self-inflicted transfer costs. Of course you can also book your flight yourself and be reimbursed afterwards. Please note that a single flight must not cost more than 500 Euros.

In order to book your flight, your personal advisor needs your passport information.