Au Pair in China - Application Process


In this menu, we’d like to show you how you can apply for the Star Exchange Au Pair in China program. We suggest that you apply as early as possible: register up to four months in advance. This is due to the fact that this program is offered across Europe as well as due to the two-side application process, which means that the Chinese host families have to apply, too. After a successful application both sides have to be matched; the host family and the au pair. Additionally it is necessary to register for the university and to go through the standard visa formalities, which also requires some time.


During the application you will go through the following main steps:

  1. You apply for the Star Exchange Au Pair in China program. To register, please click here.
  2. After a successful application you will have Skype conversation with potential host families and decide on your future host family.
  3. You and your host family will sign a contract that specifies the conditions of your stay in China.
  4. We will enroll you at a prestigious Chinese university for Mandarin classes and take care of your insurance in China.
  5. You will apply for the X2 visa.
  6. We will book a flight according to your wishes.
  7. You will fly to Beijing for our Training Center.
  8. You live with your family.

Details about each step you will find in the following sub-menus.


Please note, that the flight allowance is depending upon the length of your stay:

  • 12 months: free round-trip flight
  • 6-11 months: free return flight
  • 3-5 months: 300 Euro flight allowance

However, it should be noted that Star Exchange will not pay for special services or self-inflicted transfer costs.