Au Pair in China - Au Pair Meetings


Being in China, it is only natural that you want to share your experiences. However, anyone who has ever studied abroad or lived for a long time in a foreign country knows that friends or family at home, who have never been in the same situation, are limited in their understanding of your situation. Therefore, our partner agencies arrange au pair get-togethers in China. We try to do this once a month, which is usually no problem in popular cities such as Beijing.
One of our partner agencies will contact you via phone or email and tell you where and when to meet. Then you will have dinner together, take a trip, or go sight-seeing. During this occasion, you have more than enough time to get in contact with other au pairs.
Additionally we ask for your permission to forward your email address to other au pairs, giving you the chance to make contacts besides the au pair get-togethers. Since China is vast country, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to organize these meetings in every city.