Au Pair in China - Language Classes


While other agencies in China usually teach their candidates once a week in their offices or have contracts with only a few decentralized schools, Star Exchange ensures that our au pairs are enrolled at state universities close to the host family. Thus, they will receive professional Mandarin classes.

Depending on the respective university these Mandarin classes will be held on business days in the morning or afternoon. Every day you will usually receive 4 lessons of 45 min held by a professional teacher and the teaching materials will be provided.

Mandarin is the most spoken mother tongue on earth, and has 1.1 billion speakers in total. Thus, it ranks just close behind today’s lingua franca, English. Chinese characters are even more widespread and also used in Japan or Singapore. Whether you go into business administration, law, or engineering science, it is a benefit to speak and/or write Chinese, and furthermore, it is practically a job guarantee.

The Chinese education system has roughly three types of universities: the state universities, the prestigious private universities, and the private mass universities. Often, in contrast to the Western model of education, the state universities are superior to the other two categories. This is due to the fact that the Chinese education culture has been closely tied to the state services for many centuries. In addition to that most members of the economic elite and political class have themselves visited these institutions and therefore support them. Also only few high school graduates manage to pass the high entrance barrier set by state universities in China. Therefore, the general level of education is very high at these universities and you can make valuable contacts for your future career.

Please note that the semester fee must be paid by your host family in advance. So, if you have any special requests regarding your university, please clarify this with your personal advisor before being registered at a university. Thus, if you want to change later, you may have to pay the fees by yourself.