Au Pair in China - Service in China


It is important that you feel comfortable and safe when entering a host country. Members of Star Exchange have personally checked our partner agencies and trained their employees. Hence, we can provide the best possible conditions for you as well as the highest level of care. It is in the nature of things that most services have to be provided in China itself and therefore, auditing the Chinese side is a crucial element of sufficient service.

An overview of our services in China:

  • Pick up from the airport and assistance with settling in with the host family
  • Introductory au pair training course
  • Support for registering for residence permit and at the university
  • Support for planning your vacations and booking the tickets
  • If necessary, support for a family change
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Supporting you in your subsequent plans in China
  • Assistance with the booking of the return flight

The first three points have already been explained in detail within the previous menus.
Support for planning your vacations and booking the tickets

If you have time off and wish to travel, there are many things you can do, plenty of destinations and various kinds of transportation. China is the third most popular travel destination in the world. However, you are not on your own when it comes to planning your holidays. Our colleagues in China will be happy to assist you with your travel plans.

China has 18 climate zones: huge mountains, long, wide rivers, vast lakes, grasslands and deserts, coastlines and jungles. It ranks third in the world regarding the variety of plants. China has alone over 6,000 species of vertebrates, including tigers, panda bears, monkeys, crocodiles and camels. China's history is one of the oldest in the world and you can visit centuries-old Buddhist rock temples, monasteries, palaces, or the millennia-old grave sites of the pre-Christian dynasties. The two largest cities in the world, Chongqing and Shanghai, are in China, as well as ten of the twenty tallest buildings in the world. In addition to the Han majority, there are another 55 minorities, which account for 8% of the total population and each has their own customs, traditions, and religions. Needless to say there is so much to see and do.

China is also a very safe country, on the same level with Western Europe. Its infrastructure has been expanded in recent decades more than in any other country on earth and is therefore highly modern. Most major cities have their own airport; highways cross the country as well as the tracks of the high-speed train, with speeds up to 320 km/h.

If necessary, support for a family change and 24/7 emergency service

The true quality of services is shown when something goes not according to plan. If you have an urgent problem - for example, you are lost - you can always call our colleagues. Your personal advisor will give you the respective phone contacts.

Even if it should not work out between you and your family, we will help you to find a new one. Please note that this can take up to three weeks. Of course you can at any time abort the program.

You should always remember to keep in touch with your personal advisor. It is his/her job to take care of you if something is bothering you.

Supporting you in your subsequent plans in China

If you wish to stay longer in China, we are here to help. It makes no difference whether you are traveling as a tourist in China, plan to take an internship, or to study.

For a tourist visa you need to consider the following: when you switch to a tourist visa, you usually can extend this only one time and you have to place a deposit in a Chinese bank account. In addition, you cannot switch to another visa again without having to exit the country before.

It lies similar with an internship or subsequent studies. Although in this case, no deposit is necessary. However, depending on the starting date you may also have to exit the country once before.

In any case, it is the best to inform your personal advisor as early as possible in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Like regarding your flight to China, we can also help you booking a return flight.

Please note, that the flight allowance is depending upon the length of your stay:

  •  12 months: free round-trip flight
  •  6-11 months: free return flight
  •  3-5 months: 300 Euro flight allowance

However, it should be noted that Star Exchange will not pay for special services or self-inflicted transfer costs.