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The Star Exchange Au Pair in China Program has a lot to offer to you: This is the best program of its kind that we know of!

Star Exchange …

  • has employees in China and
  • audits its partner agencies and
  • takes care that its partner agencies fulfill the necessary requirements
  • and trains the staff of its partner agencies.

In particular we emphasize taking individualized and good care of our clients as well as a flawless preparation.

You will receive professional Mandarin classes at a prestigious university. In addition, you live with a wealthy Chinese host family. To learn Chinese this environment is usually superior to all university exchange programs, because in typical exchange programs you are normally taught in English and accommodated within a special dormitory block for foreigners.

Going to China as a Star Exchange au pair is the best guarantee to learn Chinese as well as how to handle the Chinese culture. These skills will not only enable you to lay a strong basis for your future career, but also to gain further self-esteem. Please, ask yourself: How many people do you know being able to speak and write English? And how many people do you know who are able to speak and write Chinese?

It's important to us that our offer not only remains a promise to you, but becomes reality! For you are our future!

We encourage you to compare our offer with those of other companies:

  • Who else offers you from Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day Mandarin lessons at a prestigious university nearby your host family?
  • Who else will pay for your round-trip flight if you stay a year?
  • Who else prepares you with intensive on-site training under real conditions for the au pair stay to come?
  • Who else supports you with your subsequent plans in China?
  • Who else will help you to plan your free time in China and to organize your trips?


Of course, our offer includes pocket money, insurance, a private room with internet, support for the completion of the necessary paperwork and much more. As we are also paid by the host family, we can hand through all those benefits directly to you without charging an extra. Where else you find an offer like ours? If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us!

For details on our offer, please, have a look at "Our Program" and within the other subject areas on our website.

We are looking forward to receiving your application,


your Star Exchange Team