Intensive Chinese Classes - Overview


Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language worldwide. To learn Chinese is an ideal way to boost your CV and offers you the chance to participate in China’s growing economical success. Furthermore, being able to communicate in Mandarin will give you the decisive competitive advantage during any job interview.

Within the East-Asian nations, Chinese is already replacing English as lingua franca of the business sector. If one takes into consideration that this area is being regarded as the world’s workshop, everyone will realize at once which great perspectives the Chinese language has to offer.

Our Intensive Chinese Classes provide you with the chance to learn Chinese or to improve your language skills on spot. You will receive a personalized curriculum allowing you to improve quickly – like 3,000 graduates already did before you. We also offer the option to take courses in Business Chinese.

The pure numbers alone make clear why learning Chinese will provide an excellent basis for your future: Mandarin has only around 982 million native speakers, and only 1.1 billion people worldwide are able to speak Mandarin. Taking into account that China itself has a population of 1.3 billion people, it becomes absolutely clear that there are only few people outside of China speaking Mandarin. Compared to English, which has 375 million native speakers and in total 1.5 billion people speaking English, one quickly realizes that English language skills are hardly a competitive advantage, but rather a must have.

Additionally China is one of the oldest cultures on earth, rich in traditions, philosophy and scientific achievements. However, in order to understand these and to persist within the Chinese economical world one has to speak the language. If you are for example interested in Confucianism, Taoism or Buddhism, learning Mandarin is your gateway to a holistic understanding of these ancient philosophies.