Internship in China - Accommodation


Additionally to our basic program you can book an apartment. All of our apartments are well equipped with Western style furniture and located in well situated parts of the city. Additionally our apartments are close to each other; so you can easily spend your time off with other program participants.

Due to the high population density in the urban areas of China, apartments there are much more expensive than in Europe or the US. Chinese standard apartments also have much less to offer than you might be used from home; e.g. the bathroom is usually a small cabin-like room combining toilet and shower, which offers little space. In order to rent an apartment in China you have to place a deposit (usually three monthly rents) and to pay a special tax for foreigners, which is necessary to apply for the residence permit. To make a long story short: You would have to face quite a lot of formalities for little comfort.

Thus we recommend that you book an apartment in addition to your intern placement. By doing so we will take care of the related formalities and you won’t have to place any deposit. Also additional taxes as well as fees for gas, internet, electricity and water will be included in your rent. 



Living room:


  • Sofa & chairs
  • TV
  • DVD player
  • WLAN
  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee table



  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Bedside table
  • Chair
  • Air conditioning






  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Micro wave
  • Gas stove



  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Water basin







Location in Beijing

In Beijing our apartments are located within the Dongzhimen business area and the embassy area (near the subway station Tuanjiehu), both very close to each other. These places offer a wide range of restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping malls. Many foreigners live here, why you will find easily Western products and can get to know other expats.


Location in Shanghai

Our apartments in Shanghai are located on Lianhua and Zhenping Street, not far in the North of Shanghai's main business area. Here the surrounding is much more typical for China than in Beijing. You will find a wide range of traditional Chinese restaurants, a typical Chinese night market (8pm to 11pm) as well as shopping malls. You can easily reach the close by expat areas via subway.


Location in Chengdu

As the Internship in China Program just recently started in Chengdu, we are currently looking for suitable locations, but will in any case take your wishes into consideration.