Internship in China - Companies


We do not only offer a wider range of available placements in many fields of business, but also many types of companies you can do your internship at: SMEs, international corporations and Non-Profit-Organizations. You can chose between joint-ventures, Chinese or wholly foreign-owned companies.

Our partner companies cover amongst others the following fields of business:

  • Law
  • Culture
  • Architecture
  • Investment & Finance
  • Event Management
  • Tourism
  • IT
  • ...

To get the most suitable positions for you, please spend some thoughts at which kind of company you would like to work.



Small and medium sized businesses are perfect if you want to cover a relatively wide range of tasks and like to work more independently. These companies usually offer the chance to take responsibility for your own small projects during your internship. If you liked to start your own business in the future, these companies are a great place to gather first necessary experiences.


International Corporations

If you like to specialize in your field of profession international corporations would be a good place to go. Maybe you will not have to handle a wide range of tasks and have less responsibility, but usually the HR departments are well structured and take great care of interns.  



Non-Profit-Organizations especially cover the fields of economic and environmental development as well as culture. If you plan to work in those fields without putting focus on maximizing profit, these companies are the perfect place to start at.