Internship in China - Language Classes


In addition to the standard program you can also book Mandarin classes. These will be individually organized for you, according to your language level and working schedule. To do so, you will have a 1:1 language assessment with one of our teachers after your arrival in China. The Mandarin classes take place 4 hours a week in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.  The class size is in average 4 to 5 students. Our partner institutions are the only foreign-owned schools with a valid certification of the Chinese Ministry of Education and can account for 3,000 graduates already. Another huge advantage is that the Mandarin classes are conceptualized particulary for foreigners who want to learn Chinese.


Especially when you are planning to work and/or live in China in the future, to learn Mandarin is a pure necessity. Also outside of China people who are able to communicate in Mandarin have a decisive, competitive advantage.


Please, do not worry: Chinese is not difficult, just different. So if you stick to your lessons, you will be able to master Mandarin faster as you would imagine! And being in China, when learning the language, makes it even easier. Just don’t be shy and try to speak Chinese as often as possible! Chinese people are always happy when a foreigner wants to talk to them in their own language!


Additionally the language classes are a good opportunity to get to know other interns and students.