Why China? - Overview

There are many great reasons to visit China. One important aspect concerns our globalizing world which leads to the fact that being able to deal with different cultures becomes an invaluable personal skill.

But beyond that, there are of course many more tangible reasons. Above all, it will help to boost your future career. The demand for people being able to understand the Chinese culture and to speak Mandarin is growing. This is due to China's steady economic growth. China is expected to become the largest economy and the most important market worldwide in less than 15 years.

Also privately China has a lot to offer, especially to a Westerner as people from the industrialized countries are highly respected and well appreciated. China's cities are modern metropolises with multiple city centers that offer an incredible range of opportunities and after work activities. In addition, China's world famous cuisine offers countless dishes and one dish may have up to 500 variations. China is not without reason the third most popular tourist destination in the world.