Why China - Career


Going to China and learning its language can open an endless number of doors. Why? It's simple: A huge opportunity with little competition for Westerners.


This is clear observation: Mandarin has 982 million native speakers and 1.1 billion speakers in total, most of whom live in the People's Republic of China (for example Cantonese). Coupled with the fact that China is the workshop of the world and the second largest economy in the world, it is clear that there is an enormous need for foreigners who can speak Mandarin Chinese. In comparison, the English language has 375 million native speakers with 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. Here the competition is so enormous due to the fact that it is learned at a young age in almost every country in the world. Even languages like German with 105 million native speakers and 185 million total speakers is no longer a competitive advantage.

Unemployment in the UK and Ireland

The unemployment rate in the EU is rising and the UK and Ireland are not spared. 2012 the unemployment rate in the UK has been around 8% and in Ireland even around 15%. As the manufacturing industries mostly have been outsourced abroad these countries are left behind with a vast service industry. However, the economical crisis starting in 2007 and reaching its peak in 2008/2009 clearly demonstrated that jobs based on those industries are high end and therefore strongly depending on the world economy. While during this time Europe entered a recession, China’s yearly economical growth just dropped to 9.21% in 2009. That clearly shows: Being able to work in China or a China-related industry is a form of job security of its own.

Strong international economic integration

Everybody knows that China is currently the world’s export champion. In 2012, China has exported around 2 billion U.S. dollars worth of goods to other countries. At the same time, China also imported about 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars worth of goods. China's international economic integration is enormous. Someone that is able to understand the Chinese cultural sphere and can speak its language has a wide range of excellent opportunities now and in the future.

Take the opportunity now and invest in your future