Why China? - Nightlife and Entertainment


China provides a vast variety in terms of nightlife and entertainment. In addition to clubs and bars, tea houses and spas, which are often open until late into the night, street restaurants serve delicious food around the clock. And the best part is that everything is incredibly inexpensive.

Today's Chinese cities have almost everything to offer, which is not surprising regarding a growing population of around 5-30 million people per major city. Whether you feel like going to the theater, the cinema, visit an art gallery, concerts, the opera or acrobatics performances, you will surely find it - among many other things. Additionally Chinese usually pursue at least one sport. Therefore you will find many opportunities to exercise. Not only is free sports equipment provided by public parks, but you will also find a variety of sports courts and training halls. Mainly you can engage in a wide range of traditional Asian disciplines such as Tai Chi, martial arts, or yoga. However, common Western sports are also very popular. 

In addition to that, you will benefit from the fact that shopping and entertainment are not restricted to daytime. Most things, services and activities are available until at least ten o’clock at night.

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