Why China - Status


In China already just the fact of being a Westerner goes along with a high social status. It may sound a little bit ridiculous to mention that, but you will not have to worry about certain social problems like in many other countries. There are four main reasons: The Chinese admire the achievements of the West deeply. Generally, Chinese think that foreigners have a lot of money and are therefore quite open in their own interests. In addition, light skin, a high nose and deep eye sockets correspond with the contemporary Chinese beauty ideal - as in old Europe dark skin is associated with common field work. In addition, the Chinese are generally quite sociable and eager to show their country in the best light.

Strange to say, but this leads to the fact that a foreigner will often face less problems than a Chinese. You being a student at a prestigious university will face little problem to get to know people. In addition, your host family will show you a lot of respect.